I’ve forgotten more about statistical software than you’ll ever know!

I don’t know why people ever say this in a bragging tone because I consider that to be my problem. I’ve forgotten it. Today, I needed to do a confirmatory factor analysis with someone using AMOS. They wanted it in AMOS so that is what I did. All the parameter estimates came out correctly, model fit indices good. The only problem is that I knew that they would want the estimates on the diagram and I could not remember how to do it. Yes, they could have copied and pasted it into Word or Graphic Converter or any of a number of other packages and then typed the numbers into text boxes, but people pay me so they can do less work, not more. Besides, I KNEW there was an option or something. Here it is:

When you are at this point and you have your lovely model well-specified and all of the output shows up nicely when you select TEXT OUTPUT under VIEW

AMOS diagram without estimates

Click the second button at the top of the middle pane. That will put your path estimates on your diagram.

Three other things to remember

  1. For students, there is a FREE version of AMOS 5. It works great. I was amazed that something free would work so well. I thought when I saw there was  a free version for sure it would be a scam, but no, I downloaded it from AMOS Development Corporation, ran it on a Windows 7 machine and it works great. I believe it only runs on Windows.
  2. The AMOS manual by James Arbuckle is incredibly well-written. I’m using AMOS with SPSS 18 but I noticed he wrote the 19 manual also and it’s pretty much the same. Don’t buy the manual, you can download the pdf free from lots of university sites.
  3. The Indiana University Stat/Math center has a really straightforward discussion of CFA using AMOS.


Now you know the secret of why I write this blog. Because every time I forget something I remember, “I wrote a post about that once”. And the nice thing about the Internet is even if I’m in Fort Totten, ND or Lac du Flambeau, WI or Tunis, Tunisia, I can look it up and find it.

Unlike my coffee cup. Now, where did I put that?


6 Responses to “Confirmatory Factor Analysis with AMOS: OMG it’s THIS button”

  1. ashima on September 8th, 2011 12:40 am

    hi sir.. will u please send me the step by step process of how to do confirmatory analysis in AMOS software on my email address. it will be very thankful to u..

  2. Kumar on January 1st, 2014 4:47 am

    hi sir.. will u please send me the step by step process of how to do confirmatory analysis in AMOS software on my email address. it will be very thankful to u..

  3. albert musekiwa on May 28th, 2014 9:33 am


    can I have step by step process of confirmatory factor analysis

  4. AnnMaria on May 28th, 2014 11:50 am

    While “read the manual” is usually a smart-ass unhelpful response, in the case of AMOS, the manual really does provide a step-by-step process. You can find it here ftp://public.dhe.ibm.com/software/analytics/spss/documentation/amos/21.0/en/Manuals/IBM_SPSS_Amos_Users_Guide.pdf

  5. TeePing Lim on June 11th, 2014 2:52 am

    I would like t oask how t oget the free version of AMOS 5? because i had followed the guideline enter to the AMOS Development Corporation, but inside did not have any AMOS version 5 for download, still got any other alternative to get free version of AMOS? I really need it urgently…thank you very much

  6. AnnMaria on June 11th, 2014 11:37 am

    It looks as if they no longer offer a free version but you can download a free 22-day trial here http://www14.software.ibm.com/download/data/web/en_US/trialprograms/G556357A25118V85.html

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