Getting Crossroads Software for iPhones

Step 1 : Which Crossroads game do you want to download?

Decide which Crossroads game you would like to download. Each game description can be found on our homepage.

Step 2: Go to the App Store.

Once you have decided which Crossroads game is for you, go to its corresponding App Store link below.

Crossroads: Choices on the App Store – Coming Soon!

Crossroads: New Decisions on the App Store

Crossroads: Options on the App Store

Step 3: Install the Crossroads app.

Tap the “GET” button underneath the name of the app to install it. Confirm installation by entering your Apple ID information if asked to.

Step 4: Open the Crossroads app.

Once the app has installed, tap the “OPEN” button or locate the app on your phone’s homepage. New apps are usually located as the last app on the last screen of your phone’s homepage.

Open the Crossroads app and make great decisions!

Click here for help on how to create a username and password for the Crossroads app.