Floor Effect, Ceiling Effect and Computing Internal Consistency Reliability at Post-test

Very often, researchers (including me) use multiple-choice tests to collect data to determine whether or not an intervention has worked. Does the Dance Your Way to Math curriculum really result in higher test scores? Does Lollipop Spelling reduce the number of spelling errors? and on and on. I remember being told that statistics to be…


Advice to Young Employees: More of my 55 things I’ve Learned

Today, I’d like to add #4 to 6 to my list of things I have learned in my 55 years. (You can find the first three here.) These are: You were hired to DO shit. No, you are NOT smarter than God. LISTEN!! #4  You were hired to DO shit Newly-minted PhDs are only marginally…


Mixed Models and other new stuff

“I’m XX years old and I’ve never used (insert any statistical technique here). Why do I need to know this?” I’ve heard some version of the above on every topic from linear regression to structural equation models, and at every age from teenagers to executives in their sixties. I’ve even made comments like that myself….

I Resolve to Check Out these Resources for Teaching Statistics and Math

As anyone who reads this blog often knows, a. I like Chardonnay b. You need to get a life c. The purpose is for me to write down stuff I want to remember later. Serendipitously, this often turns out to be stuff other people would like to know as well. If you teach statistics ……