Our Games

Whether you are playing Crossroads: Choices (coming soon), Crossroads: Decisions or Crossroads: Options, we have carefully designed our games to be more than just games. Examples of topics we cover include: risk of child sexual abuse, exposure to domestic violence in the home and creating a safety plan.

Here you can find more specifications for each game:

Crossroads Options:

Help Your Friend Escape Domestic Violence

Description: Mike and Erica are arguing at a party. The player must choose what to do by picking different options presented on the screen to advance the narrative. Help Erica to get out of that situation by touching the screen, standing next to the item and touching them to interact and find the way out.

Learning Objective: Decision making regarding domestic violence, Empathy

Avoiding Recreational Drug Use

Description: You are having dinner with your family, sharing and talking about your new job. Suddenly, you get a text message from an unsavory friend that stops by to ask you out. What will you do?

Make a choice by tapping among different options shown on the screen and get to work on time avoiding all the obstacles along the way. Pick the level of difficulty and tap the screen to jump over the obstacles.

Learning Objective: Decision making, Responsibility.

Finding a job

Challenge: You need $900 a month to pay your bills. That means you need to work 90 hours a month at $10 per hour. That comes out to 21 hours per week.

Select among the jobs on the screen to apply for the one that will cover your debt. Touch the screen to move the player to the “?” box, then click it to enter a building and leave your résumé there.

Learning Objectives: Decision making, Perseverance, Job Searching.

Identifying toxic environments

Challenge: Drag the box on the column on the left if it’s not a problem. If you can work it out, drag into the column in the middle. If it’s a sign you should be looking for another place to live, drag into the column on the right.

Game play: Avoid people laying down passed out by tapping the screen to jump. You will have 2 minutes to complete the game. Touch the screen to jump and try not to fall off the platforms that will reduce your time! If you manage to survive for 1 minute a house will appear, jump into the house to win the game.

Learning Objective: Analyzing problems, Decision making.

Texting Game

Description: Dana is a bully who is threatening you and saying bad things about you. Your cousin Angie is cheering you up, reminding you of all the good things that make you a great person.

Challenge 1: Find all the toys and equipment for the recreation center, that would really help the kids. Touch the items on the screen that you need to find. You’ll have two minutes to find everything.

Challenge 2: Help Angie find her wallet, driver’s license, tribal ID, ATM card, and money at the PowWow. You’ll have two minutes to find everything.

Challenge 3: There are 6 items the twins lost in their room. Click on the items in order to collect them. You need to find: a bear, blanket, bottle, diaper, doll, and a pacifier. You’ll have two minutes to find everything.

Learning objectives: Empathy.

Abusive Relationship

Description: Mikayla and Matt are at Caleb’s. He does whatever she says. She treats him like dirt. She’s so worried he’s going to cheat that she made him put his phone on speaker to talk to his MOM, took his ATM card, and she took his phone away.

Vote if Mikayla is doing the right thing by tapping a box shown on the screen.

Challenge: Solve the puzzle to unlock it and get your phone back by tapping anywhere to scramble the puzzle and start solving.

Learning objectives: Abusive relationships, Decision making, Signs of and Preventing Bullying.

Canoe down the river

Jessie has taken off again. Start at her house and try to avoid the things that cause her anxiety. Better find her before dark.

You’ll have four minutes to find Jessie before it gets dark. Be careful! Running into anything she’s anxious about will send you back to the beginning.

Challenge: Tell Jessie about how you felt last week by tapping among the options shown on the screen to make her feel less anxious. Then, help her canoe down the river and catch some fish. Make it through the river without hitting any obstacles.

Learning objectives: Anxiety, Decision making

Pet store job

Description: You got a new job at the pet store. Clean the hamster cages: put the hamsters in a box, take the dirty bedding out, wipe the cage down, and put the new bedding in.

After that, take the dogs for a walk. Connect matching dogs with the same color and cover the entire board to solve each level.

Learning Objective: Responsibility, Decision making.

Crossroads Decisions:

How to get Home:

Description: You need to get home from a party. Your friend is high and you have been drinking. You’re not anywhere where Uber/Lyft/Taxi is going to come and pick you up, and even if you were that would cost money you don’t have. What should you do?

Challenge: Select among the options shown on the screen to do the right thing. Then, race across town and overcome obstacles on the road. Tap to jump, double tap to increase jump.

Learning objectives: Decision making, Responsibility.

Party at Home and Gophers

Description: Your parents are out of town and you had a party. It has gotten out of control. What should you do?

Challenge: Select among the options shown on the screen to do the right thing. Then, get rid of the gophers. You just have 1 minute to get them! Squash gophers by tapping them.

Get those Bills

Description: You need to get home to collect the bills you need to pay to not loose the house.

Challenge: Cross the basketball court to get to your house. To move swipe left, right, down or up according to where you want to go. Avoid the basketballs coming at you and keep advancing through the 5 basketball courts until you make it back home. Then, find 20 bills. Tap on a bill to collect it. You might be able to find some money too. You’re going to need it.

Learning Objectives: Budgeting

Make a Safety bag

Description: Your mom has been having a rough time lately. She’s doing drugs again. Roger, a friend of hers, is always hanging around and you are afraid to fall asleep with him there.

Challenge: Drag what you should have in your safety bag. You’ll have 1 minute to get everything. To get an explanation of an item, tap it. To move it to the bag, touch it and drag it in there. Then, answer some questions to make her feel better and move across the woods in the snow to get to your safe place.


Description: Sometimes Anna feels bad, she doesn’t want to talk about it because she doesn’t want her Auntie to have troubles.

Challenge: Click boxes that are GOOD things about living with Auntie Lynn, then click boxes that are BAD things. Drag the boxes that Jessie CANNOT change into the fire. Then chop down 6 trees in the woods to get $500 for the firewood.

Where’s Jessie?

Description: Mark from the school office is worried about your friend not wanting to fill some forms he needs to help her.

Challenge: Show her that filling out the forms is easy. Then, find Jessie in the woods where she’s hiding. Guide your character from square 1 to 100. Roll the dice to advance.

What’s on a square?

  • Tree: Answer a question to continue
  • Fire: Answer a harder question. If you get it right you will move double on the next roll.
  • Stairs: Your character advances to the next row.
  • Hole: Your character gets send back to the previous row.

Then, answer some questions to help Jessie feel safer.