Counselor with questions

Can the software be used with people older than 19?

You are free to use it with older clients but our validation sample has been ages 13-19. All of the assessment measures in Crossroads: Decisions and Crossroads: Options have been validated in print form with adults over 19 years of age. We have noticed some older staff testers who don’t play a lot of games found the game play part difficult. The scenarios in the game feature, and are designed to primarily appeal to, adolescents and young adults. None of this is to say that older clients might not enjoy and benefit from the games, as well as provide useful information. Feel free to try it and check it out!

Can the software be used by children younger than 9?

Both the difficulty of game play and the vocabulary may make this software frustrating to use by children 8 and under. We have not validated the measures nor usability for younger players.

Is the software accessible by clients with special needs?

In nearly every page where text appears, we have voiceover as well, making the software accessible for users with learning disabilities, cognitive impairments or other disabilities that affect literacy. Because the game play requires seeing the screen to touch up or down and avoid objects, the software is not accessible for clients with visual impairments. For clients with hearing impairments, 95% of the game where there is voiceover also has text. We will be adding subtitles to the movies in version 2.0 to make the game fully accessible to players with hearing impairments.

How does my client/student get a username and password?

When your client/student has downloaded and installed the Crossroads app, they will have to make a username and password. We recommend creating the username and password for them in order to prevent your client/student from losing that information. This will also ensure that you can keep track of your clients/students especially when it comes to accessing reports. You can follow the steps to creating a username and password on this page.

Is there a web version?

No, there are not web versions of the Crossroads apps. The Crossroads apps are only available on the App Store for iPhones and on the Google Play Store for Android.

How do I access data on my clients?

In order to access data on your clients/students, click here: Crossroads Reports. On the Crossroads Reports site you can search for information on an individual player, you can get your number of users, the number of sessions for each user, and more.

What are the system requirements?

In order to play the Crossroads apps, you have to have an iPhone or Android phone. The Crossroads software is not available on the web. For iPhones, you have to be running iOS 11 or newer. For Android phones, you have to be running Android OS 4.4 or newer.

Where can I find the links to download Crossroads?

You can find the links to download the Crossroads apps for iPhones here or to download for Androids here.