Where to find your LIBNAME for SAS On-Demand (beware the leopard)

But the plans were on display . . .” “On display? I eventually had to go down to the cellar to find them.” “That’s the display department.” “With a torch.” “Ah, well the lights had probably gone.” “So had the stairs.” “But look, you found the notice, didn’t you?” “Yes,” said Arthur, “yes I did….

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New Semester, New SAS On-Demand for Academics

If you had SAS On-Demand for Academics installed last year and you want to continue using it in the new academic year, you need to uninstall your previous version and install the new version. You can find more details here  – http://support.sas.com/ondemand/SAS93.html Okay, so I uninstalled the previous version of Enterprise Guide no problem. The SAS…


PPS sampling, PROC SURVEYSELECT and not getting naked in church

As statisticians, we like to say that statistics is everywhere. Here is an example. Regular readers of this blog might know that my darling daughter number three is the world champion in mixed martial arts. There is a very wide gap in the general discourse at mixed martial arts events and, say, the Joint Statistical…

The Type of Appreciation Blog Readers Ought to Be Showing

Yesterday, I posted how to get SPSS Integration Technologies with Python working on the Mac. Today, I received this certificate of appreciation from one of my blog readers.   I’m including this in my performance review. Oh wait, I don’t get performance reviews, I’m the president. Now that I have my certificate in getting the…


Getting SPSS Python Integration to Work on the Mac (FINALLY!)

So, I did it. I finally got the SPSS Python Integration modules to work on the Mac. There should be angels singing and certificates of achievement handed to me personally by at least four of the twelve apostles. At the very least, I should get a prize. Almost six months ago, I wrote a post…


Interview with a Vampire Researcher: What I was doing at JSM

I hate Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the entire Twilight Series. This came about over the course of a week when my daughter had strep throat and was watching approximately 4,789,362 episodes of vampire shows in the living room, which is just down the hall from my office. Thus, when Brenda Osuna from USC asked…