40 Women Over 40: Nominate someone you know

We all know women who are achievers, who defy the stereotype that innovation is only for young men under 30, who dropped out of the right schools and live in the valley.

This isn’t a middle school dance, ladies. You don’t have to wait to be asked. Nominate yourselves. 

Come on, nominate someone you know for this year’s list of 40 Women to Watch over 40. I was on last year’s list and proud of it.

The deadline is May 7th so you don’t have a lot of time, but fortunately, you can complete the nomination form in less than half an hour.

If you have ever found yourself complaining that there is not enough recognition for women who are Native American, Latina, African-American, over 50, gay, from rural communities, outside Silicon Valley – whatever – then here is your chance. Hell, nominate TWO women. I know you’re out there!

lunch in ND with ladies (& 1 gent)

Recently, someone asked me for a recommendation for a female speaker who was an expert on a particular language.  I only knew a few people and none of them were interested, for various reasons – just got a new job, etc. I’m sure there are plenty of women out there who are starting companies, writing books, designing new products, leading organizations, developing software, building prototypes. It would be great to see so many of them nominated for this list that it takes weeks to get through them all.

Give someone who deserves it some visibility.


Let’s hear from you!







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