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If you know of any African-American women executives (or are such a person yourself), please read on … Shanetta was a student in my Advanced Quantitative Data Analysis class last year and is certain to be someone you’ll hear about in the years ahead. Help her out now and you can honestly claim to have known her way back when. She is looking for subjects for her doctoral dissertation research. Read below… Thanks!



Good Afternoon Colleagues & Friends:

I hope 2013 is going well for you so far!

I am a Doctoral candidate of Organizational Leadership in Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology in the dissertation phase of the program. My dissertation focus is on African American female leadership, success strategies and resilience. The title of the research is African American Female Leaders: Resilience and Success.

I will be seeking female leaders who identify as black and who hold high ranking positions (e.g. c-suite executives) in traditionally male dominated industries or businesses to participate in a study. The goal of this research is twofold:

· First, to provide a guide for women who aspire toward entering particular fields and holding similar leadership roles.
· Secondly, to provide an outline of the success, advancement and resilience of African American women in order to develop a blueprint for organizational and human resource development strategies that promotes diversity and advancement for female leaders.

The interviews will not take place until early or mid-February 2013, pending approval from the department. However, I was hoping to engender your interest and support. Specifically, if you are interested in participating or know someone who could participate, let me know by responding to this email or calling me directly.

It is important to note that, participation is voluntary and offers no compensation. However, participation in this study will be extremely valuable to new and aspiring women executives as well as other scholars and practitioners in the fields of leadership, business, human resources and other social science fields.

If you are interested in participating or believe you know someone who could participate, please contact me. I look forward to discussing the study further.

Thank You,

Shanetta Robinson-MPA
Doctoral candidate of Organizational Leadership
Graduate School of Education & Psychology
Pepperdine University

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