SAS Editor on the Web – Mac Lovers Rejoice

I’ve been somewhat of a fan of SAS On-Demand for Academics, but there are two problems. One is that it runs slow and the other is that it doesn’t run native on a Mac at all. Enter the SAS Web Editor.

I just started using it yesterday and so far, I love it. It is in beta, so if you are interested, I suggest you contact the people in the academic division of SAS and get right on it.

One glitch so far to be aware of –

If you re-load the page, it reloads everything. I wanted to clear the results, and when I reloaded the page, everything was cleared, including the code. Since I was just messing around it was no big deal, but if it was your assignment, you might be unhappy.

Solution: Save your code often

This is something you just ought to be doing anyway, anywhere, as a good habit.

Here is my sample code

/* Enter your code here */
data test ;
input group $ wt ;
cards ;
aa 207
ca 55
proc freq ;
tables group / binomial (p=.422 ac) ;
weight wt ;

and here is a link to my output which I just downloaded by clicking on the download button. The code above tests whether the proportion of African-Americans stopped in 262 routing traffic stops is different than the population proportion of 42.2% . Through in confidence intervals for good measure.

As I said, I’ve only been using this for less than 24 hours and I started with solving statistics homework problems. So far, it is awesome. Whether it will be equally awesome once I upload some data sets and try to run more complex statistics, who knows. So far, though

  • Runs on a Mac – check
  • Can save programs on-line and access them later – check
  • Fast response time ¬†– check
  • Does basic statistics – check
  • Produces presentation-quality output that can be easily downloaded – check


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