Trouble-shooting installing SAS On-Demand for Academics

After installing the latest version of SOD with Enterprise Guide 6.1 on Virtual Box and finding it really slow, I decided to re-install the operating system I had on bootcamp to upgrade to 64-bit and see if it ran better native.

When I downloaded the file to install it said it was not compatible with my operating system, which made NO sense to me since it was the identical CD I had used to install the operating system that was working fine on Virtual Box.

After a bit of investigation I discovered that when The Invisible Developer installed this while I was up in Hollywood feeding Jenn’s cats  for some reason either the install process did not prompt him to check for updates or he just skipped it.

SAS On-Demand requires Windows 7 64-bit service pack 1. I went to the Microsoft site, downloaded service pack 1 and installed it. I also installed Microsoft .Net Framework 4. Then I proceeded with the install and all is well. It still doesn’t work with blistering speed.

As my lovely young niece, Samantha says,

“Hey, it’s sending a signal through SPACE and back again and it’s not fast enough for you because it takes six seconds?!”

Um, yeah.

So, anyway, if you are having problems installing on a 64-bit system, trying downloading and installing service pack 1 for windows 7 64-bit and your problems will probably be solved.

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