Favorite Magazine for Teaching: More 20-day blogging challenge

So, this is day 13 of the 20 day blogging challenge, and I skipped over day 12 (although I may go back to it). The prompt was “Tell about a favorite book to share or teach. Provide at least one example of an extension or cross-curricular lesson.” My favorite resource is not actually a book,…


Succeeding by being a terrible person

Lately, I’ve been a terrible person. I have told many people, “No, I cannot help you.” After six happily profitable years, we’re winding down The Julia Group consulting division. We are not taking any new contracts and not adding on to any existing contracts. As contracts expire, we are not replacing them with new business….


No one should be discouraged from computer science

I read a blog post where the author said the women who dropped out of programming “should have been discouraged” because it’s not for everyone and many women try to use smiles and flattery to get men to do their work for them. I actually have had the experience the author cites, but with both…


How many lines of code have you deleted?

One of the many questions on start-up accelerator applications that make me go “Hmm”, is this question : How many lines of code have you written? I have heard of, but thankfully never worked at, organizations that evaluated their technical staff by the lines of code written. Let me give you two stories that illustrate…

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Playing around with Javascript and impact.js

The Invisible Developer had commented that I write an awful lot about SAS and maybe I should write about some other language. For Christmas last year, someone gave me an impact.js license so I made a little game where players drop snares to catch rabbits and collect berries. This doesn’t have much educational value,  I…


Start-up Advice after Founder Friday Women 2.0

Most start-up events waste my time. Founder Friday Women 2.0 was one of the few exceptions. Generally,  at start-up events, the people who have an actual company make up a tiny fraction of the attendees, being out-numbered at least 5 to 1 by people with “an idea for a company”. The remainder of those in…

The NOT good thing about The Hard Thing about Hard Things

Got interrupted by coding, meetings, flying across country, teaching judo, more meetings and flying back across country. Just finishing The Hard Thing about Hard Things and and I thought it was a terrific book EXCEPT for the part about not hiring people from your friend’s companies. I completely disagreed with this, and even though I…