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Text Mining with SAS – class notes

More notes from the text mining class. … This is the article I mentioned in the last post, on Singular Value Decomposition ftp://ftp.sas.com/techsup/download/EMiner/TamingTextwiththeSVD.pdf Contrary to expectations, I did find time to read it, on the ride back from Las Vegas and it is surprisingly accessible even to people who don’t have a graduate degree in statistics,…

Text Mining Notes from Awesome Free Course from SAS (Yeah, you read that right)

Hot tip: If you are a professor, you have access to some major benefits from SAS. The main ones that jump to mind are: Free classes that are worth FAR more than you paid for them. Free software via SAS On-Demand. Free books – up to two per semester. Free teaching materials You can get…

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Hints on not having your students hate you, with SAS Enterprise Miner

Most likely, you,too, have experienced homicidal urges when confronted with a problem you have spent five hours trying to solve on your computer, only to call tech support and have them report, Well, it works fine on my computer. You’d think if that solved the problem that they would offer to box up their computer and send…

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And … SAS Enterprise Miner is Running on Boot Camp

Thank you to Jason Kellogg from SAS Technical Support, SAS On-Demand Enterprise Miner is now running on my Mac using Windows 8.1 with boot camp. Here were his instructions. Note, this is after you have a SAS profile, registered a course, changed the security settings in Java, now you are here The steps are: 1….