My Favorite Things – not so secret documents, part 2

Because I am no fun at all, as any of my children can tell you, I do not have a post for April Fool’s Day (although you should totally check out the blog on SAS for the Wii ).

nakedmoleratBeing counter-cyclical can be good at times, for example, making money on your investments last year. Bucking the trend today, I thought I would be serious and semi-useful.

Although aforementioned children refer to email as “for old people”, there are still some tremendous resources out there I would have thought all humans and even most naked mole rats would have heard about by now. Photo supplied for those of you wondering, “WTF is a naked mole rat and what does one look like?”
I am nothing if not service-oriented.

SPSSX-L archives and its not at all evil twin, the SAS-L archives can be the one and only location for finding the answer to that incredibly esoteric question about multinomial logistic regression using complex samples with dates entered in Roman numerals. I’d recommend using dates to restrict your search because both of those go back many years, apparently justifying the youngsters’ belief about email is for old people. If you don’t restrict your search, you may get a lot of results that are no longer relevant, e.g., links to macros to do something with SPSS 11.0 or SAS 8.2 that can be now done much more simply using menus or a newer PROC step.

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