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Completely unrelated to statistics, software or, anything really, my darling daughter number three is ranked in the top ten in the world in mixed martial arts.

She has been nominated for female fighter of the year, which is decided in a scientific, objective manner by how many votes the nominees get on the Internet. She said,

“Hey mom, you have a blog and I bet not too many people who read it have a favorite fighter  they’re going to vote for, so why don’t you ask them all to vote for me.”

The site is here, you can vote once per email address.

You need to click on the very large VOTE NOW button, and give your name, email and a password. Ronda is under female fighters, which is category #12.

If you need some actual statistics, her current record is 6-0 . The longest fight that she has had to date is about 57 seconds. It has taken her a total of less than three minutes to win six fights. You can watch one of her fights on youtube here.

In an odd coincidence, her next fight is in Las Vegas on November 18, a few hours after I finish speaking to the Nevada SAS Users Group on, of all things, survival analysis. It has been suggested to me that one of the examples I could use is the number of seconds that the opponent will last fighting Ronda. When I went to her last fight, I was having a martini and the man in front of me at the bar asked why I looked so nervous. I told him that my daughter was fighting. He said, “Ronda Rousey? The bookies are giving six to one odds on her. It’s three to one odds against her opponent even getting out of the first round.”

See? Statistics are everywhere.

If you’re in Las Vegas, the fight is at The Palms, after the SAS Users Group meeting, and it will also be shown on Showtime (the fight, not the users group meeting).

So, yeah, vote for Ronda.

She’s a good kid, she’s funny and she has a big-ass white dog. What more could you ask?

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