Signs of Intelligent Internet Life

Regularly, I search the Internet (well, not all of it) for signs of intelligent life. Most of what I find, sadly, falls into the category of blogs-on-what-I-ate-for-lunch. Every now and then, I get lucky. For example,

Guy Kawasaki’s blog on How to change the world.

Sometimes it is a little too self-impressed, but his writing seems to suffer from this far less than most people who have made a gazillion dollars. And, more often than not, like in this post about missions versus mantras, he is dead on.

If we had a mantra here at The Julia Group, I what would it be?

“Making people smarter.”

“Fighting ignorance, one person at a time.”

“Education as if learning mattered.”

None of those particularly excite me, although all describe us. While I am thinking about this, let’s turn to another sign of intelligent life.

Tom Peters blog is both interesting in itself and as a good example of ‘web space’, a new meaning for the phrase which, as far as I know, I just made up. It includes a lot more than just the blog, for example, a “Cool friends” interview section, free presentations and pdf files you can download, suggested books to read.

Chronicle of Higher Education forum – populated by people who use fora as the plural of forum. If you are a student and ever wondered what your professors talk about among themselves, or if you are one of those professors, this site will have something to interest you. Everything from NUMEROUS complaints about adjunct life to seeking dates to summer plans. Posts are smart, funny and sometimes bitter.

Speaking of intelligent life, expect to see some major new changes here at The Julia Group site. I know that updates have been few and far between. We should be starting a major new project soon. I will post the details here as soon as we have signed all the contracts on the dotted line. Should be in the next day or so.

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