Web editor is not only free but it will write your program for you

If that sounds like total marketing b.s. to you, I can’t blame you — download this app and supermodels will throw themselves at you with thousand dollar bills in their teeth.

Well, no super models are provided but the SAS Web Editor really *will* write your code for you in the latest version soon to be released. They have these things called templates which are code snippets.

So, if you want to do a PROC SQL, you can select that option and the code will be written. You’ll still have to select the variables you want, of course.


There are other code helper options and that would be the big selling point for me if they were actually selling it instead of giving SAS Web Editor free to universities. Often, I end up doing that myself – creating models for students to follow to ease them into programming.

If you are at SAS Global Forum you can go to meet up in room 2001 at 6 pm and find out for yourself. You can also say what else it is you would like to see in the next release.

Personally, I’d like to see the option to email output added because my students often email me their homework. Think how easy it would be if they could run SAS, get the output and click an email button to send it to their professor. Well it would be easy for *me* and for the students, not so sure how easy it would be for the SAS people to get to work,but it’s not about them, it’s all about ME.

Closest I could come to super models below
Darling Daughter #3

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  1. Thanks much for your SGF posts. Is the vision for the web editor clear? That is, is it seen as becoming an alternative to EG (so that with SAS installed on a corporate server users wouldn’t have to install a local client to write code and get work done)? Or is it just for students and those who might eventually lease SAS processing power from SI, and run SAS with a hosted solution without having their own server?

  2. Funny you should ask that – I just came from a meetup on that. I’m not sure the vision is *clear* but the possibility of expanding the web editor and other online offerings is certainly being actively investigated for people outside of academia.

  3. Is this the mac support I have seen mentioned in tweets?
    Or is that something else (SAS VM running on parallels)?

  4. Yes, Dave, this is the mac support. It’s not running on VMware. It’s running on my iPad. I run it on two iPads, my iBook, my iMac and also on Windows 7.

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