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Analysis of Ethics Data - How do you measure whether an organization is ethical? We all think character education is important, right? So, how do we know whether it works? After three years of asking questions and another year of data analysis, our staff have been criss-crossing the country to meet requests to present our results. The next two presentations are in June, at the mid-year CANAR conference in Green Bay, followed by training at the Lac du Flambeau reservation.

Creation of an On-Line Ethics Program - Subcontracted with Spirit Lake Consulting, The Julia Group is providing style sheets, web design, templates, forum hosting, data collection, analysis of evaluation data and computer security services. While Spirit Lake provides the content, The Julia Group is responsible for the technical aspect of course development and evaluations.

The Julia Institute - a computer-integrated program for teaching mathematics to middle-school and high school students in disadvantaged communities. The web portal includes daily interaction with teachers, problems of the day, computer-assisted instruction, all guided by an on-site mentor.

Survey of Electronic Media Usage on Great Plains Reservation - conducted the most comprehensive survey to date of Internet usage among Native Americans. Analysis of data on electronic media usage by individuals with disabilities is completed and in-press. Next on the agenda is analysis of usage by the general population on these reservations.

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