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Publications in academic journals and books are NOT included here as we don't hold the copyright to many of those, the publishers do. Other papers, will will be added to the site as time permits. We are working backwards. We do actually have several papers from 2011 to proof-read one last time and then post here, some on SAS programming and some on analysis of ethics data. We have dozens of articles on teaching and parenting students with disabilities that, hopefully, will be added by the end of the year. Our first priority is doing work for clients who pay us, so we hope you understand if this area gets built up slowly.

You are free to use anything you find here for any purpose. Links back to this site are appreciated, as are donations of Chardonnay and jelly beans.

FYI - Dr. De Mars has stated(threatened) her plans of compiling all of her best SAS papers into a book called Beyond the Basics: SAS Tips, Statistics and a Naked Mole Rat. Stay tuned.

Papers Presented at Annual Meetings of SAS Users Groups

De Mars, A. (2015). Yes, PROC FREQ does that!

De Mars, A. (2010). From Novice to Intermediate in (Approximately) Sixty Minutes: I. Functions, Programming, and Processing – the Power to Choose

De Mars, A. (2010). From Novice to Intermediate in (Approximately) Sixty Minutes: II. SAS® Procedures Beyond the Basics.

De Mars, A. (2010). From Novice to Intermediate in (Approximately) Sixty Minutes: III. Presentation

De Mars, A. & Flores, E. (2010). Moving from Windows to Super-computing: The 5% Solution.

De Mars, A. & Kadu, R. (2010). Data Visualization: “Every Picture Tells a Story” or “Putting Atomic Numbers on Your Socks”

De Mars, A. (2009). SAS® Enterprise Guide for Researchers:From Data Import to Publication WITHOUT Programming

De Mars, A. (2008.) Moving from data to information: SAS programming to reduce statistical and programming errors.


White Papers

De Mars, A. (2016). Differential barriers to educational technology faced by urban and rural schools

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