About Us

Our very brief history …

Dr. De Mars began as an independent consultant in 1985, working with school districts and universities in southern California. In 1990, she went into partnership with Dr. Erich Longie, the first enrolled member of the Spirit Lake Dakota to receive a doctorate. That partnership evolved into Spirit Lake Consulting, Inc. The company was incorporated on the Spirit Lake Dakota Nation, licensed by the Spirit Lake Tribe in 2001, with The Julia Group as a satellite office serving clients throughout the country. Seven years later, we spun off as an independent company.

Most of our clients have been with us five to ten years. We know that our work often determines if the client receives grant funding. meets grant objectives, completes the contract as scheduled and other high stakes. One of our junior consultants put it well, when he said to a senior partner,

“I know what is you do. I figured it out! You instill calm. That’s your job. People are all in a panic that they will never meet a deadline or get this research design right and when you walk in a room, you instill calm. “

That’s the relationship we seek with our clients, the calmness in the knowledge that we will get the work done, it will be right and on schedule. Our formula is simple. We hire the best people, treat them well and don’t accept work from a client unless we are convinced we can deliver beyond their satisfaction.

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