We have done hundreds of presentations, on everything from analysis of ethics data from tribal organizations to SAS programming to statistical analysis with SPSS, STATA and JMP to teaching students with disabilities, and at all levels from middle school students to supervising physicians.

This is our never-ending project to get these up on the site and organized. Check back often and you are welcome to take anything you find.

WESTERN USERS OF SAS SOFTWARE : 2016 Categorical Data Analysis
PDF of PowerPoints

Logistic regression output

SAS Programming Presentations from User Group Annual Meetings

Quit Whining and Learn Factor Analysis Already (.pptx)

Telling stories with data and getting the world to believe you (.pptx)

The Dangers and Wonders of Statistics Using SAS: You can have it right or you can have it right away(.ppt)

Mixed Reviews: An Introduction to Proc Mixed (pdf of slides)

Logistic Regression: For when your data really DO fit in neat little boxes (.pptx)

Repeated Measures ANOVA using SAS Enterprise Guide (pdf of slides)

Solving your problems with SAS Enterprise Guide (.pptx)