What’s all that factor analysis crap mean anyway? Part 1 of Several

My doctoral advisor, the late, great Dr. Eyman, used to  tell me that my psychometric theory lectures were, A light treatment of a very serious subject. Hmph. Well, with all due respect to a truly wonderful mentor, I still have to state unequivocally that the majority of students when looking at a factor analysis for…


It’s good business to learn from people who suck: #42 of 55 things I’ve learned

Every time something annoys me, I take it as a learning experience. For example, Darling Daughter Number Three has been remiss at getting back to me lately, with the lament, “But I’m SO busy!” I understand she just finished filming a TV show and has people line up for hours to get her autograph, etc….

Factor analyzing a correlation matrix is SO easy (I am not making this up)

When I first went to graduate school in the 1970s (yes, for my MBA, in 1978) , if one were to comment casually, “And then I factor-analyzed the correlation matrix to solve that problem.” Everyone would say, “Ooooh.” Back in those days before statistical calculators (forget the Internet), when computers only came in big (really…


Coding Tools to Make Life Easier

I was working on something for a client when The Invisible Developer walked into my office, looked over my shoulder at the code and said, “So, you’re a PHP programmer now?” I answered, “I’m a whatever-language-we-happen-to-need-at-the-moment programmer.” A year and a half ago, I took a look at Codecademy and was underwhelmed. It’s gotten mixed…