Industrial Engineering Applies to Life

My long and occasionally-storied career began as an industrial engineer, where I had drilled into my brain one of my most useful life lessons. Here is the secret to mastering your life, reducing your stress by a good 50% — Learn the difference between standard hours and actual hours The business dictionary laughably defines a standard…


Chill. Relax. Seriously, chill. #46 of 55 things I have learned

There have been days, especially when I started my first two businesses, when I was seriously stressed. What if I could not make the payroll? What about cash flow when the business was growing and expenses were due now but customers didn’t pay until the end of the month? What if … for most small…

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SAS On-Demand – Nice statistics teaching tool, with graphics & possibly cookies

I’ve been working with SAS Enterprise Guide 6.1 with SAS On-Demand on Virtual Box and I can’t find much to complain about. It is slow, but since I’m usually doing 14 things at once, while I’m writing for a task to complete I can read an email, download a file or answer a phone call….