Beyond SAS Basics: Tips, Statistics and a Naked Mole Rat

I wanted to learn how to use smashwords, for reasons completely unrelated to this blog, SAS or statistics, but I thought it would go much faster if I had an actual project to work on.

I considered writing a serious book for researchers on SAS Enterprise Guide, but then I decided that I did not want to do it badly enough to put in the amount of work required.  If you are doing something pointy- and-clicky like SAS Enterprise Guide, you need screenshots, and at a lot higher resolution than for the web.

Also, my experience with publishers and editors has revealed that they have actual standards and they ask questions like,

“Why do you have a picture of two naked mole rats on page 42?”

and are seldom satisfied with extremely logical answers like,

“I had a picture of one naked mole rat, but he looked lonely. Or she looked lonely. I’m not really clear on the gender differences.”

So, enter Plan B …. I got to thinking (yes, it does happen), that I have written several things on moving from beyond basics with SAS and I already have the screen shots and the output. Furthermore, I think the resolution does not need to be any higher than what I already have. So, my plan is to edit and put together several papers I have written into an approximately 200 page book. It is theoretically possible that people might buy it, but even if they don’t, it is highly probable (p > .79 ) that I will learn how to use smashwords . My next step after that is learning how to publish for Kindle on the Amazon site.

The title of the book is “Beyond SAS Basics: Tips, Statistics and a Naked Mole Rat”

Here is my table of contents

Part I – After the DATA Step

Beyond the Basics: Statements, formats and functions

Beyond the Basics: New procedures and some new twists on old procedures

Beyond the Basics: Making your output look like it was done by a grown-up

Part 2 – Statistics OR Math is not hard, well, it’s easier than unemployment

Logistic Regression – for when your data really do fit in neat little boxes

Repeated Measures Analysis of Variance – control group, experimental group, yada yada yada

Part 3 – Data Quality : Garbage in- garbage out & no one wants to pay you for garbage

Checking if your data blow with SAS Enterprise Guide

1, 2, 3 , 4 Data quality procedures

Part 4 – A little bit of macro

An introduction to macros with the STRT macro that I just made up

Super-duper useful data quality macro

Part 5 – Where do you go from here

A rambling map of SAS resources

A naked mole rat


What do you think?


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