Beyond SAS Basics: Tips, Statistics and a Naked Mole Rat

I wanted to learn how to use smashwords, for reasons completely unrelated to this blog, SAS or statistics, but I thought it would go much faster if I had an actual project to work on.

I considered writing a serious book for researchers on SAS Enterprise Guide, but then I decided that I did not want to do it badly enough to put in the amount of work required.  If you are doing something pointy- and-clicky like SAS Enterprise Guide, you need screenshots, and at a lot higher resolution than for the web.

Also, my experience with publishers and editors has revealed that they have actual standards and they ask questions like,

“Why do you have a picture of two naked mole rats on page 42?”

and are seldom satisfied with extremely logical answers like,

“I had a picture of one naked mole rat, but he looked lonely. Or she looked lonely. I’m not really clear on the gender differences.”

So, enter Plan B …. I got to thinking (yes, it does happen), that I have written several things on moving from beyond basics with SAS and I already have the screen shots and the output. Furthermore, I think the resolution does not need to be any higher than what I already have. So, my plan is to edit and put together several papers I have written into an approximately 200 page book. It is theoretically possible that people might buy it, but even if they don’t, it is highly probable (p > .79 ) that I will learn how to use smashwords . My next step after that is learning how to publish for Kindle on the Amazon site.

The title of the book is “Beyond SAS Basics: Tips, Statistics and a Naked Mole Rat”

Here is my table of contents

Part I – After the DATA Step

Beyond the Basics: Statements, formats and functions

Beyond the Basics: New procedures and some new twists on old procedures

Beyond the Basics: Making your output look like it was done by a grown-up

Part 2 – Statistics OR Math is not hard, well, it’s easier than unemployment

Logistic Regression – for when your data really do fit in neat little boxes

Repeated Measures Analysis of Variance – control group, experimental group, yada yada yada

Part 3 – Data Quality : Garbage in- garbage out & no one wants to pay you for garbage

Checking if your data blow with SAS Enterprise Guide

1, 2, 3 , 4 Data quality procedures

Part 4 – A little bit of macro

An introduction to macros with the STRT macro that I just made up

Super-duper useful data quality macro

Part 5 – Where do you go from here

A rambling map of SAS resources

A naked mole rat


What do you think?


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  1. The book idea looks good, and I’ll look forward to hearing about progress. My only concern is whether the references to naked mole rats will cause your book be filtered out by smashwords’ “prude filter”?

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