SAS Web Editor: A first try at trouble-shooting

If you have a problem here are the 3 most likely suspects

1. You’re a professor and uploading a file. Connect using FTP.  It seems like every program I have on my computer is set at SFTP.  Change that.

2. Trying to log into the web editor with your email address. You have a user name. It is not an email address. It doesn’t have any @xxx.edu  It’s just something like bozoclown

3. You have a data set for your class, you are sure it was uploaded, but you can’t find it. Even though your data was successfully uploaded to the class directory, it is not going to show up under libraries unless your program includes a LIBNAME statement. Then, you need to run that program. Now you should see it under LIBRARIES

If you’re interested in learning more about the SAS Web editor,

Here is a bit about uploading files and a caveat on working with open data at the last minute

 Here is where you find what your LIBNAME is. If you’re a professor, be sure to send your students an email with this information if you want them to access data you upload for your class.

Here is some more about using PROC CPORT/CIMPORT if you are uploading data in an older SAS format

And that’s my tips for early morning in Las Vegas. Now I’m headed downstairs to teach a class on categorical data analysis and attend WUSS13. If you’re here, be sure to say hi.


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