Hi-de-ho, off to Salem I go

Hey, if you are a furloughed federal employee looking for something free to do on Thursday because you still haven’t received your back pay that Congress promised you, you can drop on into Salem, Oregon to the Oregon SAS Conference. I will be speaking on Categorical Data Analysis, Telling Stories with Your Data and How Factor Analysis is Your Friend. Not all at the same time – I’m giving three talks. They promised me that none of them would occur before 10 a.m.

The first one is pretty basic, pointing and clicking to do a little exploring of a small pilot study. If you are not feeling all warm and fuzzy about statistics, come to that one. On the other hand, if you really have been dying to have someone to discuss ROC curves and eigenvalues with, come to one of the other two. Even the more statistical presentations are pretty user-friendly, though. There will be lots of pictures. Also, beer.

Scree plot of eigenvaluesCurve with substantial bow toward the upper left corner

The beer isn’t actually part of the free conference, but if you hang out with me afterwards I’m pretty certain we can find some.



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