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Having been in Rio the past two weeks where Internet access occurred in five-minute increments roughly 11 hours apart, I have a few blog posts saved up I was unable to upload. Expect a few more over the next few days.

July 26,2015

I was in our office at the Water Garden exactly 1 day before heading out of town again. I’ll get back in early August, be home for less than 24 hours before leaving again.

The receptionist at our office (are they called receptionists still, or do they have a new title at the same pay, like ‘telecommunications operative’ ?) said to me:

Wow, you have a really exciting life!

It was funny because I had just been thinking how this was getting a little old. Most of the time, whatever airport I’m in, my laptop connects automatically to the wi-fi because I’ve been there before.

view from yet another plane

Whether it is Minneapolis, Washington National or Tokyo, all airports are pretty much the same and I know the drill – change planes, eat mediocre airport food, which is marginally better than nasty airplane food, pick up luggage, get car, get to hotel. It doesn’t matter if I’m in a hotel in Dallas or DC or Devils Lake, my routine is pretty much the same – get some exercise, get on the Internet to get some work done and get to sleep.

I work pretty much every day, so I have trouble keeping track of what day it is or what time zone I’m in. My iPad says it’s 9:08 because that’s the time in Texas, which was the last place I had an internet connection. It’s 7:08 at home in Santa Monica and 11:08 in Rio.

My point is that you do anything often enough it becomes routine. I’m guessing that the person who does the fireworks show at Disneyland every night comes to work and says,

Ho, hum. Another day of explosions, another dollar.

This isn’t to say that my life isn’t really fun and awesome at times. It is. The fun times aren’t so much sleeping on a 10-hour flight to Rio, though.

The most fun I have had lately has been with people.

At Spirit Lake, I went to dinner with the teachers and site coordinator who were involved in 7 Generation Games from the very roughest alpha version. Dr. Erich Longie, whom I am proud to call a friend, had to leave early for an event the next day honoring the president of UND who had overseen the retiring of the Fighting Sioux nickname.

The teachers and I spent the evening lakeside sitting around a fire talking about our children, love lives (or lack thereof) and future plans. As a female tech entrepreneur, one doesn’t get a lot of chances for “girl talk”, so it was precious time just hanging out.

It’s the closest I am ever going to get to camping since The Invisible Developer believes that sleeping outside on the ground is ingratitude to our ancestors who evolved to the point where they could build houses.

I’m not so jaded that I haven’t taken the time to take in the sights in Rio. Everything from whatever this is (papaya?) and espresso for breakfast to the flavelas. In fact, I’m actually taking more time to “stop and smell the roses”, or, as in the North Dakota State Fair that I stopped in on last week, the sheep manure, than I ever have in the past.

In part, that is because as I get older, I am beginning to appreciate the opportunities I have had to see everything from Athens, Tunisia, Beijing, the Grand Canyon, New York City, to the Peace Garden, the Minnesota State Fair and Disneyland. Some of the time I have taken full advantage of the opportunity and others not so much.

More and more, I’m having the sense to realize that those opportunities will not be infinite and not to let them pass by.

There is also the fact that I’ve spent so much of my time in various ‘exciting’ locales working and I’ve come to accept there will never come a day when I say,

“That’s it. I have done all of the work there is to do.”

So, I may as well take a break now and then and take in the scenery. It’s also taken me about 30 years in business to quit worrying that I will run out of work if I don’t take every single opportunity that comes down the line.

The other thing I have learned about my exciting life is that just about every place I land has something worth seeing. Sully’s Hill Game Preserve on the Spirit Lake Nation is definitely worth spending a day or two exploring. So is the Prairie Village in Rugby, North Dakota. Maybe it’s routine to you but to me it’s exciting.

Which is why, when I finally get some time at home late next month, I’m going to take an afternoon off and spend it lying on Santa Monica Beach.

——- My Day Job

Stuck in an airport and bored? You can play Fish Lake and get smarter.

8 fish in a stack


(You don’t have to be stuck in an airport. You can play it if you are bored at home, too.)

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  1. Dr.Ann I say this with a serious chip on my shoulder now…I can’t begin to tell you how much you are one of my biggest heroes because of your nonstop persistence to reach so many goals…I have to say this is NOT what I want to hear coming from a mentor of mine, who has been so inspiring and powerful that I did not even meet her face to face yet I call her a mentor…Dr.Ann, with every fiber of respect I have for you, how can you write such b.s. I am surprised by this article!! Let me just state what I find to be the obvious…”My Exciting Life” should NOT be the title for this garbage. Rather appropriate would’ve been “My Un-Appreciative Life” Lets do the quick rundown here…Dr.Ann Maria DeMars, CEO, 8th degree blackbelt judoka, history and traditionalist lover, ’84 World Champion Judoka, entrepreneur, and last but most important, wonderful mother to beautiful and amazing children. The last of those being the ONLY reason you should love every goddamn second of your life as much as possible!! As a father of three I know this to be FACT. Now, because I love my job and have a passion for working I rarely get to see them because of the fact that me and their mother had a falling out..But I will state the obvious without a doubt..People call me arrogant, asshole, prick, cold, among many others..BUT NOT A DAY GOES BY THAT I DO NOT APPRECIATE AND LOVE THE LIFE I HAVE BEEN HANDED!! Even on the worst of days I think to myself, Ya know what Matt, look at this, life is trying to push you around again..Then I laugh and simply shove life to the ground and step on it..I look down upon it and think of my three children, my amazing job, and my “Exciting Life” and say as hard as you can hit me you just cannot win!! Let me end this with something you already know…It may not be the most exciting, it may be boring at times, and it may get monotonous, but of you let that carp get to you then life has won and I NEVER saw Dr. Ann Maria DeMars as a loser! PASSION FOR EVERYTHING!!! Love your number one fan…:) P.S. Please don’t ever write something someone the likes of Paris Hilton would write again.

  2. Matt,
    With all due respect, I think you missed the point. The “exciting” part of my life is the time spent with people I like and respect, the unexpected side trips to places like the North Dakota State Fair or hiking in the woods and NOT the flying hither and yon.

  3. I am the public school geography teacher in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro and reflection today is so … how to describe, how to talk, how to try to say what Ronda Rousey inspires ?! ; actually I woke up one day (today) and after watching this video I said “need to know, see that person in the live” (and looks that would not be one of the easiest missions …); knew more than an Olympic athlete a UFC champion is MMA same, Ronda Rousey is a human being spectacular fact is the essence of a human being and carries in her beautiful eyes the teachings of a lifetime and looks that were not few; meet her was not merely an encounter with an artist, but a life lesson at every turn, whether in her shirt with the phrase “do not allow the eye to fool the mind” or behind that mega smile showing the meetings and divergences of a life … in fact Ronda is a symbol, or more … it taught me something that only on days you can see the result … and roots that both appreciate it shows when your mother says “I wanted to show my daughter that the world is full of people who have not lived their potential because he was afraid …” and when it shows the video of your secrets “you learn a lot more like your opponents behave in the fight if you Watch how they behave throughout his life .. .the way you fight is the extension as you are … “and at the end I get the same quentionamento the host in question” how many Ronda’s “fit the octagon? and I still ask how we can Ronda’s inpirar us in life? and one of the conclusions is that the struggle for a new day is just beginning and that was possible and more beautiful with you next to dear friends …

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