Updating to Windows 8.1 Pro and other fairy tales

if you read yesterday’s post (and how could you not!) You were treated to my scintillating tale of my experience with Microsoft customer support where I called five people and got five different answers to the question about upgrading to Windows 8.1 Pro. Although two people did give me the same answer, one person gave me two different answers, so it cancelled out.

I said I would let you know which story turned out to be true once I got home and opened the package from Microsoft  ….

And the answer is ….. NONE OF THE ABOVE !

When I got home, there was a box with no DVD despite the fact that the website and the receipt both said DVD – English. The box contained a product key and correct instructions.
Go to the Windows start screen
Type in Add features to Windows 8.1. Then click SETTINGS.

Click Add features to Windows 8.1  then click I already have a product key

Enter the product key and click next.

There is no DVD.

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