White flowers blooming in Santa Monica

There must be some hallucinogenic drug given off by spring flowers, because it is the one time in the year when I am struck by the irrational thought,

“Maybe I should clean my office.”

Like any other spring cleaning undertaking, random things are uncovered that make me think,

“Huh. I wonder what that was for.”

Here, for your entertainment, are a list of random things found under, in and around various crevices. I think several of these were notes for a blog post I was thinking about writing and never did, probably because my notes fell behind the couch and lay there until covered with dust.

{Gee, I hope the event is something good, like getting Easter lilies delivered.}

… this is the point where I got distracted because we really are in start up mode and I am so excited about our new project I am working on it pretty much non-stop …. guess the cleaning will have to wait.

Patty the official office guinea pig

I still think I ought to be able to deduct the guinea pig.


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