We Better Not Screw This Up

As I write this, our Kickstarter campaign has 119 backers at around $6,700. That’s not the significant part, though.


This week, I am truly humbled. We can see in the Kickstarter dashboard where the contributions come from. Well, our CMO can see, and she will call me and say

Do you know someone named  XXX? Because they pledged $250.

Invariably, I DON’T know them. They read this blog, or they follow me on twitter, or they read my other, personal blog, which is half on judo and half on my ranting like a female, Catholic version of Lewis Black. If you go to our Kickstarter page, you actually see fewer $250 and $100 pledges than we have received because most people said not to bother sending them a poster or a license, just give it to another kid on a reservation.

That isn’t what has me the most humbled, though. In some cases, she would say,

“We got several pledges of $5 or $10 or $15. They came from XXX.”

Those are the ones that made me catch my breath because I know some of the places she mentioned. They are on American Indian reservations and reserves in Canada. I even knew some of the people. I knew that $5 probably meant they stayed home this weekend instead of driving anywhere because they just pledged their gas money to support this game. A couple of people who pledged emailed, DM’ed on twitter or posted private messages to me on Facebook apologizing(!) because they had to wait until they got their paycheck, disability check, Pell grant or student loan before they could afford to pledge.

To some of those people, $10 meant a lot.

Some of the people who pledged $500 or $100 aren’t independently wealthy, either.

We are pretty sure we’re going to make our $20,000 goal, but even more than that, we are very conscious of the fact that people who don’t normally support Kickstarter projects kicked in to make this happen. In short, people have faith in us. I talked to everyone on our team this week and we are all pretty sobered by the reaction. As I said this afternoon,

“Guys, people believe in us. We need to promise not to screw this up.”

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  1. Just pledged to this. If this kickstarter dosent work out, let me know how to donate directly. I’ll give you money one way or another. THANKS. You are a kickass person and a great mother!

  2. I’ve donated as much as I can,more than I have for any other kickstarter. I really hope this works and I have no worries at all. You are not gonna mess this up.

  3. Worth every penny!!! Congrats Dr.D! Can’t wait to try it! Echoing above sentiments, you’re not gonna mess this up!

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