The Game: It’s almost D-day

Testing in the schools starts in a few weeks. We’ve been writing a computer game to teach math. Here is a look at some of the scenes.

artwork from the game

The poster is thanks to one of the awesome members of our graphics team, Justin Flores. You can find him at Jflo Productions.

Of course, we will be using statistics on the back end to see what parts of it students play the most and correlating that to student outcomes.

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  1. Uuuugh… To my European eyes this looks really weird. It’s the same thing as if we did an educative software with traditional looking Africans from the countries we colonized :s

  2. Well, the difference is that this game is being written for schools on American Indian reservations, where 99% of the children are from the tribes represented. It includes their language (Dakota), with all of the Dakota language parts read by people from the tribe and much of the game written by people from the tribe.

    Thanks for your comment, though, because I can see your point if you did not have that context.

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