The question for Day 3 is :

“What is a website that you cannot live without? Tell about your favorite features and how you use it in your teaching and learning.”

The first part is easy. Oh my God, I love, love, LOVE stackoverflow, a site where all of your programming questions are answered. It’s free , you don’t have to register. You can just go there and search for an answer to why your css is not properly aligning 5 pixels from the left margin of the container, or whatever is bothering you at the moment. Normally, when I type a question into Google one of the first few hits will be on stackoverflow.com and I go read whatever it is. Even if my question isn’t answered, I’ll learn something and I can usually search the site or look at the related topics in the sidebar and find what it is I was trying to learn.

I can’t really say that I use stackoverflow for teaching, except for indirectly. One of The Julia Group companies, 7 Generation Games, is games to teach kids math and many of the problems I encounter are related to game development.

There are sites, I use for teaching and I was going to list more here but I peeked ahead and saw this question comes up again in the 20-day challenge so I’ll save those for later. There are a few other good sites, including a couple of blogs, that I like for statistics, SAS and SPSS but answering the first part of the question, what site, if I woke up tomorrow and it wasn’t there would you find me screaming NO- O – O – O !!! and searching for the nearest lake to drown myself in? Definitely, stackoverflow.com


lake for drowning in


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  1. Sylvain on January 9, 2014 3:42 am

    That’s a nice lake. Not sure about drowning myself in, though.

    By the way, have you digged in the various Stackexchange sites? (Cross validated for statistics, Mathematics for Maths, etc.)

  2. AnnMaria on January 9, 2014 2:09 pm

    I have looked at the stackexchange sites, including the one for statistics. I was saving that for another post. Because I’ve been doing statistical analysis for > 30 years vs just a few for javascript, I don’t have as many questions on stats that aren’t REALLY deep dives that take a lot more than a paragraph or two to answer


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