TR6 sigma Homerhe rocket scientist decided the most important use of his spare time was to pose Homer as an R6σ specialist.

I was looking at this in my email and wondered why I ever decided to actually have a child with this person. Then, I looked at the books in the background.

That’s why. If  you can’t be more mature than your children, you can at least be smarter and more educated.


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  1. The Best Colleges on October 10, 2011 10:21 am

    Hi Dr. De Mar,

    We wanted to let you know that your blog was selected for our list of the top 50 statistics blogs of 2011. Our goal was to highlight blogs that students and prospective students will find useful and interesting in their exploration of the field.

    You can view the entire list at http://www.thebestcolleges.org/best-statistics-blogs/



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