How to Fix Your SPSS Truncated Data File

CoffeeWell, this morning started out annoying, and not just because I had to be at LAX at 8 a.m. I am sitting here trying to analyze an SPSS file someone sent me last night and I get this … Command: CORRELATIONS Incomplete (truncated) SPSS Statistics data file: /Users/annmaria/blahblah.sav Execution of this command stops. I tried the copy I had on a USB drive and my backup copy and got the same thing all over again. Grr. On a moment’s reflection, though, it occurred to me that since SPSS had opened the file and there was just a problem with how the file had been saved – something was missing that identified the end of file, I am guessing – that perhaps it could be fixed by simply saving the file as something else and reading it back in. So … I saved the file as .csv, by just selecting SAVE AS from the FILE menu and selecting csv as the type. Then, I went to FILE and selected READ TEXT DATA,  opened the .csv file, accepted all of the defaults and was back in business to merrily analyze away. — all before I boarded my flight. Pretty productive considering that all of the coffee in Columbia could not make me a morning person.

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  1. Hi, I am writing my dissertation and im looking at the relationship teacher power (5 dep. variables) has on learner empowerment (3 dep. variables) for ELL students. I read your canonical correlation post Aug. 30 and I am doing a CONCORR on these 2 sets of variables. My question, is CONCORR doable for a small sample size? I keep reading you need 200+ for it. If not, what other procedure can be used on small sample sizes if CONCORR cannot be used? Im sorry ive been typing for 12 hours today. Thank you!

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