Categorical data analysis in three parts

Ever since my daughters referred to the day in April when we all take our kids to the office as “Bore your daughters at work day”, it has been clear to me that others do not find me as interesting as I find myself.

My children bored at my office

Based on this profound knowledge, when I was asked to talk for an hour about categorical data analysis, I decided my best plan was to not try to say everything I know about this subject. Hence, I narrowed it down to Part 1 and Part 2, with Part 3 if I have time.

Part 1: Explaining a research project in six pictures.

Part 2: Five lesser-known optionsĀ 

  1. Fisher’s Exact Test. How to get one. Why you want one.
  2. The difference between the Pearson, Likelihood ratio and Mantel-Haenszel Chi-square
  3. When NOT to compare chi-square values directly
  4. Tests of binomial proportions
  5. Summary tables for multiple variables

Part 3: Three clues that your logistic regression model sucks

  1. Convergence
  2. Model fit statistics
  3. Tests of Global Hypothesis

If you are madly excited to come hear me talk about this, you can come to San Diego on Wednesday, August 21st for the San Diego SAS Users Group or to Oregon Day on October 10th when I’ll be at the Oregon SAS Users Group meeting in Portland.

Or, if you are thinking to yourself,

Ha! I would like to hear about categorical data analysis from AnnMaria for three hours, and no children with mouths full of red jellybeans are going to dissuade me!

Well, then, you are in luck, my friend, because I will be giving a class in Las Vegas, November 12th at the start of the Western Users of SAS Software conference – a class I still cannot believe begins at 8:30 am. I think I said I would do Wednesday because I thought it was in the afternoon.

The only other thing that has gotten me up before 10 am is The Spoiled One’s soccer games – and I love her. So, this will be a rare sighting. I will be the lady with the cup of coffee bigger than my head.

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  1. Will you be able to post slide deck/materials from either one of your talks on categorical analysis?

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