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Logistic regression, in pictures : Part 2

I tweeted that I believed one could explain logistic regression results in three or four charts, and Alberta Soranzo tweeted back, “Try me.” Challenge accepted.  These data are taken from the Kaiser-Permanente study of the Oldest Old,  a sample of 5,986 people who were aged 65-95 when recruited into the study. Participants were followed for…

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Logistic regression using SAS On-Demand with SAS Enterprise Guide – a movie and a rant

If you have a mad desire to do logistic regression with SAS On-Demand with SAS Enterprise Guide, here is a movie that shows how to do it. It is a .avi file so you may want to just download it and run it on your PC. Here is why the movie is not all that…


SAS and SPSS Give Different Results for Logistic Regression but not really

When people ask me what type of statistical software to use, I run through the advantages and disadvantages, but always conclude, “Of course, whatever you choose is going to give you the same results. It’s not as if you’re going to get a F-value of 67.24 with SAS and one of 2.08 with Stata. Your…


Logistic regression never screws up when you want it to

All my programs are working today and I am sad. Fortunately for everyone else, but unfortunately for me today, SAS has increasingly automated or semi-automated fixing those errors. It’s unfortunate for me because I wanted to talk about errors and how to fix these. I could create a simulation dataset but I hate doing that….


Advice on marriage, Euclid & logistic regression

My friend, Gokor Chivichyan, a mixed martial arts instructor, once gave this questionable advice to his students, “Women usually just say they’re fat to get attention. So, me, I agree with them. If she says she’s fat, I say, yes, you fat but we like you anyway. If she’s really fat, though, you just have…


Baby Steps to Logistic regression

Going from the phi coefficient to odds-ratios. Remember the numerator for the phi coefficient was well, the odds ratio is the same two numbers DIVIDED rather than subtracted. You might think it is four numbers, but really it is not. The first number is the product of the diagonal cells (see below). The second number…

The first things a statistical consultant needs to know

I’ll be speaking about being a statistical consultant at SAS Global Forum in D.C. in March/ April. While I will be talking a little bit about factor analysis, repeated measures ANOVA and logistic regression, that is the end of my talk. The first things a statistical consultant should know don’t have much to do with…