The Blog Hour

My granddaughter was bored.

She had been home for three weeks, in Minnesota, which meant much of her time was spent indoors because it is cold outside and she lives in a city.

Not the most fun walk – Minnesota city streets in winter

This week was even worse because it was spring break and she said,

Me and my friends used to think that if we had no school and we could just stay home all the time it would be great but really it’s HORRIBLE.

Making it even worse, she and her sister were supposed to be spending spring break in Santa Monica with us, chilling by the beach and meeting up with friends from her old school.

Where my grandchildren were supposed to be

Recently, we’d created a WordPress site for her but it had nothing but the sample pages that came with it. She said she couldn’t think of anything to write. So, I said:

I challenge you to The Blog Hour!

Every day now, at 7 pm Pacific Time, we call each other and start blogging. There are no rules except that we need to start at (about) 7 pm and blog for no more than one hour. At 8 pm, promptly, we both stop.

You are welcome to join us

If you do, send me a link to your blog.

Eva’s first post was on Quarantine Ideas

Mine was Everything is NOT fine

Yesterday, she wrote on Quarantine Food

And I wrote about ideas to De-stress during a Pandemic

Something I have learned about blogging over the years …

There is no difference between the blogs you wrote because you felt inspired and those you wrote because of a challenge to write X number of words/ posts

I’ve been writing this blog for a dozen years, I did a judo blog pretty regularly for over a decade and I write posts on the 7 Generation Games blog, sometimes on life and sometimes on math.

When I look back over the years, I find it impossible to pick out the posts I did because there was some kind of public or personal challenge and those I wrote because I really felt strongly about what I had to say that day.

Eva thinks you can’t hang with us – prove her wrong!

SO … if you are stuck in the house and need a challenge, Eva and I are throwing it down. Join us!

Check out the follow up post on fashion advice from me. Those of you who have met me in person are already rolling your eyes.

Two Ojibwe girls in the woods 500 years ago
Another thing to do if you are bored, download Making Camp Premium or play it on the web

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