Is it sick to get this excited about data analysis?

The results are in! The chart below gladdens my little heart, somewhat. One thing to note is the fact that the 95% confidence interval is comfortably above zero. Another point is that it looks like a pretty normal distribution. What is it? It is the difference between pretest and post-test scores for 71 students at…

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Messy Problems Made Simple with SAS

Some problems that seem really complex are quite simple when you look at them in the right way. Take this one, for example: My hypothesis is that a major problem in math achievement is persistence. Students just give up at the first sign of trouble. I have three different data sets with student data from the Spirit…

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I never made a Halloween costume but here is some code I wrote

Many years ago, I was walking through the exhibits at the county fair with my late husband (he was alive then, that’s why he was able to walk with me) and I lamented, Look at those quilts. My grandmother makes quilts. Look at those crocheted tablecloths. My other grandmother crochets. Look at me – what do…


Really want girls to code? Give them money

Just finished the second week of the Boom Startup Ed Tech accelerator, which is GREAT. I am learning a lot and plan on working insane hours for the next few months to put it all into practice. We have had to answer  a lot of legitimately hard questions about cash flow analysis, burn rate, user…

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Javascript, canvas and animation not running in all browsers

I’m the world’s biggest hypocrite when it comes to documentation. In every staff meeting, I emphasize documenting whatever code you have written that week, but I always put off doing it myself.  My excuse is always that it isn’t final and when I get the complete project done I will put it in the wiki….


Dakota Math Results Coming In: Following my own advice

I tell clients on our statistical consulting side all of the time that if your conclusion is only valid if you look at this specific subset of your sample, with this particular statistical technique. You need to look for a convergence or results. Does the mean score increase? Does the proportion of people passing a…