Communication Disorders

Communication disorders is an overall term for speech disorders and language disorders.

Speech disorders refer to difficulties producing speech sounds or problems with voice quality. Individuals with speech disorders understand language, but they cannot pronounce words so that other people can understand them.

A language disorder is an impaired ability to understand and/or use words in context. People with language disorders may have trouble understanding directions or in coming up with the words to express themselves.

Children with Autism have a wide range of speech and language disorders. At the milder end, with Asperger’s this may include problems with voice modulation – children may speak too loudly and be considered disruptive by teachers and other children.

They may need to be taught how to have a conversation, how to ask a question, how to take turns.

“If your uncle is talking to your brother, you need to wait until he is finished, then you can talk.”

“If you meet a new girl in your class, you should ask her, ‘What is your name?’