Resources to Learn More

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Here are some recommended resources for you to learn more….

Brief fact sheet on speech and language disorders .

A video of speech therapy with a child with Autism.

204 Fold and Say Social Skills Stories –Parents using these to teach their children believe they are helpful. We have not done any research on the Super Duper products, but these are offered at a low cost – e.g., $35 for the set of stories.

The activities they use, for example, the Know the Code curriculum for older (K-8) kids 
are appropriate for the needs of most children with Autism and give specific procedures for teachers and other staff to follow. They also allow you to click on their website to get free samples from products so you can decide if this meets your classroom or family needs before purchasing.

NOTE: The Julia Group has no affiliation with Super Duper Publications. We haven’t done a complete review of their products and, in fact, some of them, such as the free fact sheets you can download we thought were pretty mediocre in quality. The social stories, though, have received positive reviews from parents and have a logical research basis. These appear to be good for teaching both social skills and language (more on this later in the course.)